Breaking The Myth Of Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular games around the world, most probably because it really is down to luck whether you win or lose. Unlike many games you cannot sway the odds very much here, with the roulette wheel spin sealing your fate whether it’s to take your bet or pay you winnings. And whether experts champion it or not, there really is no sure strategy to ensure that you win when playing this popular game.

Roulette Systems

There a huge variety of views in the industry regarding roulette strategy, with some professionals adamant that you can use strategy to your advantage, whilst others regard this belief as nonsense. Unlike in games such as blackjack or poker, you have no control on the game play other than placing your wager. As such, strategy is all but useless here, and you must avoid falling into the Gamblers Fallacy of believing that you can break the laws of probability.

The Gamblers Fallacy

The Gamblers Fallacy is the name given to the belief by some that the rules of probability can be bent. When playing roulette for example, they could believe that the ball landing on red six times in a row is unlikely, with the probability of a black increasing the more times that a six wins. However, this is completely untrue as each spin doesn’t affect the game before or after, meaning that the probability of a red or black each time remains at 50/50.

Buying Books for Roulette Strategy

It is widely regarded that with gambling, practice makes perfect. This can often involve buying literature on the subject which is an excellent idea, especially if you intend on playing high strategy games such as poker. Books on the subject can not only outline the rules of a game but provide important insight and tips into how to build your personal strategy to any one game. However, in regards to roulette it is unwise to spend a lot of money on books. There are an enormous range of eBooks and real publications available for purchase, promising the chance to find strategies which will really help you win. You should use a certain amount of caution in these cases, and you’ll often find that your money is far better spent being put into your roulette bankroll than for paying for books which won’t help you at all with your online roulette career.